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NZ Herald News
2nd July, 21:22

'He is a real life hero': Jazz Thornton's call to help her find the man who saved her life

Warning: This article is about attempted suicide and may be distressing for some readers. The co-founder of a pioneering mental health charity has put a call out on social media to help her find the stranger who saved her in one...
2nd July, 21:12

'Candy floss clouds': Bay of Plenty residents treated to pink UFO-looking clouds

Bay of Plenty residents were treated to a jaw-dropping sight this evening as a cold southerly set in over the eastern North Island region.No, it wasn't snow but rather strange-looking UFO-like clouds - also known as lenticular clouds.The...
2nd July, 20:05

Manawatu District Council's rather suggestive weather post goes viral

What was meant to be an innocent weather warning for residents in the Manawatu has become the subject of jokes on social media.A post by the Manawatu District Council on Facebook yesterday afternoon warned locals about the forest...
2nd July, 19:38

Landlord claims he was punched in the back of head, but fails in bid to evict tenant

A Bay of Plenty landlord has failed in his bid to evict his tenant, despite alleging his tenant's partner clocked him in the back of the head with a punch.Des McLean told a Tenancy Tribunal hearing he visited the property on Onslow...
2nd July, 19:19

Local Focus: Huge rail hub confirmed for Palmerston North, with funding to make it happen

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones was in Palmerston North today to further cement the commitment from the Government towards the KiwiRail multi-transport freight hub. He also announced the preferred site for the...
2nd July, 18:25

Covid 19 coronavirus: The origin of the New Zealand 'bubble' concept revealed

"Stay in your bubble", "don't break your bubble" - these were all expressions New Zealanders got used to hearing throughout lockdown. Now, we talk about transtasman bubbles and travel bubbles - and the concept has become part of...
2nd July, 18:09

Heather du Plessis-Allan: David Clark is an election distraction for Labour

COMMENT: Not for a second do I believe that David Clark has come to this resignation decision by himself.I believe he was told by more senior figures in the party to resign.If he really had made the decision to resign of his...
2nd July, 18:00

'Without them Avery wouldn't be here': Brave toddler makes it home to thank firefighters who helped save her life

There's a good chance 3-year-old Avery Sinclair wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for a group of firefighters.The preschooler was badly hurt, sustaining a spinal cord injury, in a crash in Sanson earlier this year.Local firefighters...
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