Saturday 6th June 2020 - 08:43
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NZ Herald News
6th June, 12:04

MSD asked to mind accuracy, quality assurance after redundancy pay error

By RNZ The Ministry of Social Development has been reprimanded for its treatment of redundancy payments.Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni said she had made it "very clear" to her ministry she expected the law to be...
6th June, 09:35

Covid 19 coronavirus: Adopted Kiwis locked out around the world

Before Carolina Zalazar boarded a plane to Bali, she stocked up her fridge and pantry in Auckland. Carolina lives on a leafy street in Greenlane. There's a veggie patch in her garden and a lemon tree. It's the place that Carolina...
6th June, 09:30

Covid 19 coronavirus: Auckland man with 'C0V1D' car number plate says it's a tribute to recovered friend

The owner of a Honda driving around Auckland with the eye-catching number plate "C0V1D" says it is a tribute to a friend who recovered from the virus.Daniel, who did not want his last name revealed, said there had been nothing but...
6th June, 08:19

Covid 19 coronavirus: New Zealand 'a week away' from Italy-style health system crash before lockdown

New Zealand was a week away from a Italy-style "health system meltdown" because of Covid-19 just days before the decision was made to lock the country down. The revelation is contained in a startling letter by Royal New Zealand...
6th June, 08:01

Eight month's home detention for Dunedin drink driving crash

It was "nothing short of a miracle" that a Dunedin woman and her partner survived a high-speed alcohol-fuelled crash, a judge says.Aimee Elizabeth Weir, 40, and the man were trapped in the vehicle for nearly an hour following the...
6th June, 07:41

House fire: Invercargill child praised after escaping flaming home, raising the alarm

A brave Invercargill child is being praised for their quick thinking after waking up to find their house on fire before escaping and phoning 111. A Fire and Emergency spokeswoman said they received a call at about 3am that a house...
6th June, 07:27

Teenager rescued at sea after overnight Cook Strait voyage in dinghy reveals reason behind journey

If you heard about Tachyon Hutt's voyage across Cook Strait from a mate at the pub, you would be forgiven for thinking it was too outlandish to be true.And although it sounds like something you might read in a Barry Crump novel,...
6th June, 07:25

Weather: Temperatures plummet below 0, snow falls in the south

Brrrr ... winter has arrived in force, with temperatures in the South Island plummeting overnight to below zero - and snowfalls packing more of a punch today.Timaru Airport was the coldest place in the country this morning, at -5.3C,...
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