Monday 22nd January 2018 - 04:08
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NZ Herald News
22nd January, 08:42

Child fights for life after accident

A child was fighting for life after being hit by a vehicle in a driveway in Takapau last night.Emergency services were called to the address at about 7.15pm and the child was takento Hawke's Bay Hospital by helicopter in a critical...
22nd January, 08:02

Fishing mad Papamoa 8yo's goal: 10 world records by age 10

Olive Armistead has a fishing world record under her belt and two more pending - and she's still in primary school.The fishing mad nearly 9-year-old has set herself a big goal: 10 world records by her 10th birthday in 2019. Daughter...
22nd January, 08:00

Whangarei adoptee stars in doco in his Russian homeland

After helping around 300 adopted youngsters trace their birth families, Whangarei-raised Russian adoptee Alex Gilbert's efforts are being featured in a documentary in the land of his birth. The Man from Nowhere is the name of...
22nd January, 07:00

Northland great-great-grandma: You're never too old to learn

Valmai Whyte reckons you're never too old to learn something new — and she should know.The Northland great-great-grandmother, who turned 87 on Thursday, has just completed her first formal qualification. Valmai, known as Nan to...
22nd January, 06:57

Two people killed in Dunedin house fire

Two people have died in a house fire in Dunedin this morning.Four fire crews remain at the scene on Wesley St, where a blaze broke out shortly around 5.15am.Fire communications spokesperson Rewai Grace said the first fire fighters...
22nd January, 06:53

Whanganui population growth biggest on record

The secret's out, Whanganui is the place to be.The city and district population has grown by 700 people in the last year - the biggest annual increase since population changes were first recorded in 1996.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​District...
22nd January, 06:39

Mike Hosking: The trouble with te reo Maori is a lack of relevance

I think it became a slightly bigger deal than it might have because Bill English (a) weighed in and (b) called it someone else's language. Technically I guess he is wrong - te reo is our language not someone else's. Unless you...
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