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BBC British News
5th February, 17:27

New images show Nicola Bulley on day she disappeared

Doorbell footage of Nicola Bulley outside her home on the day she disappeared is shared with the BBC.
5th February, 17:14

Rishi Sunak missing from NHS strike talks, says union boss

Unite's leader says the PM should intervene, ahead of the biggest week of walkouts in NHS history.
5th February, 14:11

Grant Shapps: Liz Truss's tax cuts were clearly the wrong approach

Grant Shapps, who briefly served in Liz Truss's cabinet, said inflation must fall before taxes are cut.
5th February, 13:13

Bradford: Plans for 'Brit School North' proposed

The Brit School in Croydon has nurtured a host of international music stars, including Adele.
5th February, 11:53

Just Stop Oil autumn protests cost Met Police £7.5m

The Home Secretary says "enough is enough" after Just Stop Oil protests "drained police resources".
5th February, 09:43

Dad completes charity run along entire length of M1

Jamie Austin finishes the last leg of his challenge after setting off from Leeds 10 days ago.
5th February, 09:01

Ofgem had wool pulled over its eyes on prepayment meters issue, says Grant Shapps

The business secretary says Ofgem took the word of energy firms and " had the wool pulled over their eyes".
5th February, 02:58

Constance Marten: Missing couple and baby thought to be camping in Sussex

Police say their concern over the whereabouts of the couple and their newborn 'continues to grow'.
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