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BBC British News
20th November, 12:59

Don't play Santa to the EU, Tory MP warns government

The two sides cannot agree on how much money the UK should hand over as part of Brexit.
20th November, 12:53

Young people 'experimenting more in bed'

Study reveals increasing diversity in young people's heterosexual practices.
20th November, 12:43

British Airways to board passengers in cheap seats last

British Airways starts a boarding policy that means those in the cheapest seats will be called last.
20th November, 12:29

Endris Mohammed jailed for murdering his children

Endris Mohammed smothered his two children at home and tried to kill his wife in a gas explosion.
20th November, 12:06

Three face no action over Gaia Pope death

Three people who were held over the death of teenager Gaia Pope will face no further action, police say.
20th November, 11:40

Black Friday deals ‘not all they seem,’ shoppers warned

Which? investigation of product prices reveals 60% were cheaper or the same price on other days of the year
20th November, 11:37

British Gas scraps standard tariff for new customers

The energy firm says it will not offer its standard variable tariff price category for new customers.
20th November, 00:05

Victims 'told not to report' Jehovah's Witness child abuse

Abuse victims told the BBC they were allegedly told by the church not to report the crimes.
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