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BBC British News
20th June, 08:42

32Red hit with £2m penalty for sole problem gambler

Online gambling firm let one customer deposit £758,000 with no money laundering checks.
20th June, 08:39

Southgate Tube explosion: Five injured, two in hospital

Police were called to reports of an explosion and people running at a Tube station in north London.
20th June, 07:10

Commons set for Brexit vote showdown

MPs will vote on how much of a say Parliament should get if there is no Brexit deal.
20th June, 05:42

'Nighthawk' metal detectorists damage Hadrian's Wall

Illegal metal detectorists are targeting sections of the wall in their search for ancient artefacts.
20th June, 02:57

GCHQ director urges co-operation after Brexit

Jeremy Fleming says the agency has helped foil at least four European terror plots in the past year.
19th June, 23:41

'Please let me bury my murdered brother'

The sister of a murder victim wants to change a "hellish and barbaric law" on post-mortem examinations.
19th June, 23:08

Gosport hospital deaths: Independent panel findings due

A panel has analysed hundreds of patient death certificates at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.
19th June, 23:02

Rural residents hang up on mobile banking, regulator finds

Fewer than a quarter of those living in rural areas use a smartphone for banking, regulator finds.
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