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BBC British News
24th November, 16:57

‘Collapse’ in secondary school attendance warning

Covid disruption worsens for England's secondary schools as 22% of pupils sent home.
24th November, 16:34

Celebrity burglary trial: Woman arrested wearing Ecclestone earrings

Maria Mester was part of a "support cast" in a plot to burgle famous figures, a court hears.
24th November, 16:22

Covid-19: UK leaders discuss easing of rules at Christmas

Three households could be allowed to meet indoors over a five-day period between 23-27 December.
24th November, 15:19

Benefit scams worth £1bn foiled during lockdown

Thousands of identities were stolen before unusual banking activity alerted a civil servant to the fraud.
24th November, 14:40

Most Black Friday products 'were same price or cheaper' beforehand

Nine in 10 products are the same price or cheaper before the sale, finds consumer group.
24th November, 13:10

England star Grealish admits careless driving

England and Aston Villa player Jack Grealish admitted to two incidents this year.
24th November, 11:17

Harry Dunn's parents lose High Court immunity review

Harry Dunn's mother says the ruling is "just a blip along the way" in their fight for justice.
24th November, 10:54

Deaths in UK 'a fifth higher than normal levels'

Nearly 14,000 deaths occurred in the week ending 13 November - with 3,000 linked to Covid.
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