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BBC British News
21st July, 18:24

Britain’s Got Talent champion dog Pudsey dies

He was the first dog to win the show, alongside owner Ashleigh Butler, in 2012.
21st July, 17:19

Aberdeen holidaymakers face 38-hour flight delay

A flight from Aberdeen to Portugal has been delayed since Thursday morning due to an aircraft fault.
21st July, 16:35

Corrie Mckeague: 'Nothing found' in airman landfill search

Police end landfill search for missing airman Corrie Mckeague, who they say had "slept in rubbish".
21st July, 15:45

Stepdad who beat boy to death over lost trainer convicted

Marvyn Iheanacho battered his partner's son to death in a south-east London park for losing a trainer.
21st July, 15:21

Deborah Watling, Doctor Who companion, dies aged 69

The Essex-born actress played Victoria Waterfield opposite Patrick Troughton's Doctor in the 1960s.
21st July, 14:53

Prisons boss received 'scandalous' £20,000 bonus

Michael Spurr was given the payment despite jails being branded "unacceptably violent and dangerous".
21st July, 10:43

Blair Logan admits murdering brother in fire attack

Blair Logan poured petrol onto his brother and set it alight, killing him and injuring his girlfriend.
21st July, 10:05

UK government borrowing rises in June

The government's budget deficit grew by more than expected after inflation pushed up its interest bill.
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