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BBC British News
27th January, 21:17

Covid: English schools could return 8 March 'at the earliest' - PM

The PM sets the date he hopes England's lockdown will begin to ease, but warns of a "perilous situation".
27th January, 21:16

Coronavirus: EU demands UK-made AstraZeneca vaccine doses

The bloc says UK plants are obliged to help make up for possible shortfalls in EU production.
27th January, 21:15

Philippa Day: Benefit errors 'predominant factor' in mum's death

Philippa Day was found collapsed beside a letter rejecting her request for an at-home assessment.
27th January, 18:58

Jeremy Corbyn: Setback for ex-party leader in Labour suspension fight

Ex-leader is expected to continue legal action despite a ruling against disclosure of documents.
27th January, 18:56

Covid: Would-be travellers must prove journey is essential - Patel

People without a valid reason for leaving the UK could face a fine, the home secretary says.
27th January, 17:39

Leon Briggs inquest: Luton man who died said 'help me' amid police restraint

Leon Briggs was "like a child crying out for a toy" as he was held down by officers, a jury hears.
27th January, 17:18

Covid-19: Basildon nurse meets her baby after months in hospital with virus

Nurse Eva Gicain says when she held Elleana for the first time she "didn't want to let go".
27th January, 13:34

Covid-19: Cough, fatigue, sore throat 'more common' with new variant

But loss of taste and smell may be less likely to affect those with the new strain, a study suggests.
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